Establishment and Composition

The LRC was established by Government Resolution on 26 August, 2015, to update and develop legislation in priority areas, including the justice sector.

The Commission is comprised by a Chairman, Jorge Graça, two Permanent Commissioners, Melisa Silva Caldas and Henrique de Corte-Real Araújo, one Nonpermanent Commissioner, José Guterres, and also counts on in-house and external professionals.



Reform Ownership

Participation in the reform is guided by a strict compliance with the statutory independence and autonomy of each institution. The relationship with the National Parliament, the Government, the Ministry of Justice, the Council of Coordination for Justice, the Courts, the Public Prosecution Services and the Public Defence Services, as well as the relationship with Lawyers, the local NGO's among other entities, are considered key element in the reform. Both technical assistance and cooperation by the Development Partners are also deemed as necessary to the legislative reform.

Accessing law and accepting submissions

The LRC promotes and raises citizens’ legal awareness, encouraging dissemination of laws by the institutions based on their specific social responsibilities. The LRC accepts and analysis submissions by citizens and organizations, as an opportunity for law improvement. It also receives proposals by experts encouraged to collaborate and thus enhancing the reform in a crosscutting process.

The reform belongs to us all.

Our availability

We are available to communicate and interact with all citizens and institutions interested in the legislative and justice sector reform in Timor-Leste.